Sunday, January 3, 2016

JRAD, saturday night

Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY
DD50: A celebration of Dave Dreiwitz’s 50th Birthday
The Speakeasy Jazz Babies including Dave’s Mom, Barbara & Dad, Richard, opened. Joe & Dave sat in with the Jazz Babies on “Sweet Georgia Brown”, Joe, Dave, Marco & Scott sat in on their set closing “When The Saints Go Marching In”.
Private CID Soundcheck:
Ruben & Cerise (TH) ->
(I'll update the other 2 shows with the CID sound check info at some point.)
Set One: (9:02PM - 10:08PM ish)
Alligator (SM)->
Bertha (TH) >
Throwing Stones @ (SM)
Alabama Getaway (DD)
Cumberland Blues (All)
Brown Eyed Women (TH)
One More Saturday Night ^^ (SM)
Set Two: (10:43PM - 12:16AM)
Jam ->
The Wheel (All)->
Jack Straw (SM & TH)
St Stephen $(All) ->
Space ->
St Stephen % (All) ->
Jam ^ ->
St Stephen Reprise (All) ->
Viola Lee Blues (All) & ->
Duo Jam ->
Big Whopper * ->
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy + ->
Viola Lee Blues Reprise (All)
Candyman @@ (TH)
Uncle Johns Band ## (All)
ENC: The Weight (All)
@ With a Scarlet Begonias Tease (TH) & a jam that paid tribute to the late Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister of Motorhead, in that it sounded exactly like Motorhead

# With a “Mountain Jam” (Donavon // The Allmans Brothers) tease & another tease I can’t ID, both from MB & a “When the Saints Go Marching In” (Louis Armstrong) Tease (SM)

^^ - Followed by Happy Birthday to Dave & a cake presentation

$ - Joe sampled Speakeasy Jazz Babies as he was sitting in on “When The Saints Go Marching In”. Subsequently, he used the sample to begin tonight’s version of St. Stephen.
% - With a Throwin’ Stones Tease (Band)

^ - With multiple Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin) Teases (Band) & maybe some other teases

& - With a Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin) Tease (Band)

* - Benevento Russo Duo original, first time played, just the ‘A’ section.

+ - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky cover, first time played

@@ - With SM on Pedal Steel

## - With a “No Quarter” (Led Zeppelin) Tease

Throwin' Stones is must hear. We'll try to get it out in a RAD TRACKS asap.
Thanks so much to our "larger, more historic" home away from home The The Capitol Theatre & to all of you that came out!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

JRAD, capitol theatre, 1 .1 .16

With Odessa Boone, who was sick tonight and didn't go.

Costello here, with the skinny on last night's show at The Capitol Theatre:
Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY

Set One: (8:53PM - 10:08PM)
Sitting On Top of the World ^ (TH)
Doin’ That Rag ^ (TH) ->
Jam ->
I Need A Miracle ^ (SM) ->
New Speedway Boogie ^@ (TH) ->
Duo Jam ->
Me & My Uncle (SM)
Must Have Been The Roses ^ (TH)
Box of Rain ^ (JR)
Set Two: (10:34PM - 12:20AM ish)
Row Jimmy # (TH)
Help On The Way # (TH) ->
Slipknot! # ->
Space # ->
Slipknot! # ->
Franklin’s Tower # (TH) ->
Dancin’ In The Streets # (SM) ->
Eyes Of The World $ ->
Drums ->
Not Fade Away #
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down ^# (TH/All)
^ - All First Time Played by Almost Dead: 7 Debuts total inc. Dixie Down

@ - With an Eyes of the World Tease (TH) & a Me & My Uncle Tease (Band)

# - With a Five Piece Horn Section, most from Antibalas: Jordan McLean (Trumpet), Raymond Mason (Trombone), Stuart Bogie (Sax & Clarinet), Matt Bauder (Bari Sax) & John Altieri (Tuba)

$ - With Stuart Bogie on Sax, no other members of the horn section played. With a Dancin’ In The Streets Tease Tease (Band) and a Ruben & Cerise Tease (MB)

% - With a “Walk The Dinosaur” (Was, Not Was) Tease (MB). Song included the 5 horn players leaving the stage & playing on the GA Floor as the crowd & Joe kept the NFA Beat. After the march thru the crowd, the horn section returned to stage, where some of the band rejoined them to finish the tune.

^# - The Band cover, first time played by Almost Dead. With the five piece horn section, playing the arrangements that Allen Toussaint wrote for The Band’s version from “Rock of Ages”. (The same Toussaint horn arrangements were also featured on the Last Waltz version of the song.)
See you guys later!

JRAD, new year's eve

The Fillmore
Philadelphia, PA

(With Odessa Boone at the downtown Hampton Inn)

Electric Set 1 (9:00PM - 10:15PM)
Jam ->
Truckin' @ (SM) ->
The Eleven (All) ->
China Cat Sunflower (TH)->
I Know You Rider (All) >
Good Lovin' $ (SM) ->
Shakedown Street ^^ (TH)

Acoustic Set 2 + (10:45PM - 11:20PM)
Friend Of The Devil ^
On The Road Again %
Dark Hollow %
Dire Wolf ^
Big River %%
Ripple ^

Set 3 (11:55PM - 1:45AM ish)
Space ** ->
Auld Lang Syne & ->
Sugar Magnolia (SM) ->
Scarlet Begonias (TH) ->
Fire On The Mountain (TH)
Greatest Story Ever Told * (SM) ->
Cosmic Charlie Jam ++->
Terrapin Suite @@(TH & JR) ->
Sunshine Daydream ## (SM)
E: Born To Run $$ (TH)
@ - With a Born Cross Eyed Tease (Band)
# - With a Dupree’s Diamond Blues Tease (TH)
$ - First Time Played, Rudy Clark and Arthur Resnick // The (Young) Rascals Cover & with a The Wheel Tease (TH)
^^ - With a China>Rider Transition Jam
+ - Complete set change from set one. Band was set up on two 8’x8’ risers in front of the stage, with (from house left to right): Marco on Upright Piano, Dave on Upright Bass, Tommy on Acoustic Guitar, Scott on Acoustic Guitar & Joe on a small kit that included Kick, Snare, Hat, Bongos & 1 Cymbal.
% - First Time Played
^ - Played before electric, first time played acoustic
%% - First Time Played, Johnny Cash Cover
** - With Balloon Drop & Confetti Cannons at Midnight
& - First Time Played, Traditional, Instrumental
* - With a Dave Dreiwitz Bass Solo, Unfinished
++ - First Time Played, No Lyrics
@@ - With “Linus & Lucy” (Vince Guaraldi) Teases (MB)
## - First Almost Dead Split Sugar Mags // SSDD
$$ - First Time Played, Bruce Springsteen Cover, With Confetti Cannons
Thanks to The Fillmore Philadelphia & all who came out! See you this weekend at The Capitol Theatre!