Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TXR recap

The weekend was as clear and sunny as last weekend was torrential with rain and floods.  Meals: lunch on the water at Sausalito; lunch in Berkeley with Olivia and Dan at Café Gratitude (with dishes like: “I Am Extraordinary,” “I Am Humble,” etc., so that when you order a dish, you affirm yourself); lunch at the Panama Hotel; lunch in Fairfax (where Olivia urged me to move – Pamella wasn’t too sure).

Saw Nick and Jess as soon as we unloaded our stuff at the hotel; they’d arrived last Sunday and saw the final Scofield show;  they would stay for Thursday and Friday-only for the Q.

Highlights:  the Terrapin Crossroads venue.  The musicianship.  The 25-minute opener: jam > Golden Road, the longest version of this song you’ve ever heard.  The UJB / Night of 1,000 Stars from the third night.  The covers: Good Times, Bad Times; Southern Cross, Jessica, Give Me Love, Can't Find My Way Home.  Having Philip and Witt come up for Sunday night, standing right in front of Jimmy’s amp.  Giving Rob a t-shirt; he said he would keep it on the DL.  A China Cat > (Midnight) Rider.  Molo -- sweating, grimacing, gesturing, leading -- all the time.

Lowlights: no “Just a Little Light.”  Not recovering from jet lag as quickly as you’d like.  Warren seemed like more of a grounding, anchoring factor than inspirational leader, (whereas Jimmy burned the whole time).   Super low light: the final night encore of Attics of My Life: Rob and Jimmy on acoustic guitars; Rob, Phil and Warren singing into one mic; Rob's voice cracking and missing notes left and right.  In 12 years you've never heard him miss a note, period.   This was  . . . unsettling.

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