Saturday, June 29, 2013

vendredi soir

Damien was kind enough to invite you his mas (a restored French farmhouse from the 16th - 17th century; it belonged to the church at the time which owned all the land around it) to dinner with his family after your long day Friday.  Around a sturdy French farm table that seated five there was Linda (sa mere), a shy seventeen year old cousin, Manelle, from Algeria, and a family  friend, Stephanie, a student from Great Britain with a big Brit accent.  Le dîner était simple was simplement: roasted pork, sliced tomatoes and mozzerela, and a salad.  There was, bien sur, du vin et du l'eau, and après dîner cheese and fruit.  C'était bon, and his family was especially welcoming.  It was la fin parfaite, especially after such a long day. 

Avant le dîner avec deux tasses.

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