Thursday, November 7, 2013

phil and friends, wednesday, nyc

Phil & Friends
Wednesday, 11/6/13
Best Buy Theatre (Where you see a cop arrest a girl who threw an empty beer can into the trash at the entrance to this stinking place; where, in order to get inside, they frisk you like you're in maximum security lock-up; where they look in your cigarette pack for weed; where cops are stationed next to the theater security people so they can arrest anyone found with weed; where they make you check your "digital camera" even though everyone in the place is using their phones to take snaps and record everything; where bouncers are shining lights in the face of anyone they suspect of smoking; where they have the sound from the show blasting away in the bathroom at ear-savaging levels. . . Jesus, you hate this place.)
Set I
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love ao >
And It Stoned Me ao >
Brown Eyed Women gl
Bird Song pl
The Weight
Hear The Hills ld>
Cortez The Killer ao
Set II
Playin’ In The Band gl
You Can’t Always Get What You Want ao >
Smokestack Lightning ld
Shake ‘em On Down ld
Scarlet Begonias gl >
Fire On The Mountain ao
Comes A Time ao
Brown Sugar ao
Franklin’s Tower pl >
Playin’ In The Band (reprise) gl
Donor Rap
E: Friend Of The Devil pl

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