Friday, February 12, 2016

JRAD new haven 2 .11 .16

College St Music Hall
New Haven, CT

Set 1
Jam ->
China Cat Sunflower (TH) ->
The Eleven @ (All) ->
St Stephen # (All) ->
Space ->
St. Stephen Reprise (All) ->
Let It Grow $ (SM) ->
Eyes Of The
World % (TH) ->

Cumberland Blues ^ (All)

Set 2
Playing In The Band (SM) >
Magnificent Sanctuary Band & (TH) ->
King Solomon’s Marbles *
West LA Fadeaway (TH)
Black Throated Wind + (SM) ->
E: Going Down The Road Feeling Bad ++
@ - With a Duo Jam, Stuart Bogie on Sax
# - With Stuart Bogie on Bass Harmonica
$ - With Stuart Bogie on Flute
% - With a St. Stephen Tease (Band), a “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (Tears For Fears) tease (MB), & Stuart Bogie on Sax
^ - With a “Hoedown” (Aaron Copland/Emerson Lake & Palmer) tease (MB) & Stuart Bogie on Clarinet & Bass Harmonica
& - With Stuart Bogie on Sax
* - With Stuart Bogie on Clarinet
+ - With “Son of a Preacher Man” (Dusty Springfield) teases (MB)
++ - With an “Also Sprach Zarathustra” (Richard Strauss) Tease (SB), a “Wipeout” (The Surfaris) tease (JR), an “LA Woman” (The Doors) tease (MB/Band) & Stuart Bogie on Sax

Flew in to Providence; drove to New Haven.  A cold, bracing, hard, windy winter day; 6 inches of snow on the ground from a storm a few days ago.  Stayed at the Omni Hotel next to the Yale campus. Sent a pic to Blume (who went to school here decades ago); the view from my window.

Met Nick and Jess at the hotel.  They came up from Stamford for the day: train coming up, ubering it back.  We had drinks at the rooftop bar, watching the day fade.

The show, at the College Street Music Hall, started at 8 sharp; there's a strict 11 pm curfew.  We ended up in the loge, second row (not our offical seats), and miraculously, didn't get kicked out.

Started with China Cat, then into The Eleven and St. Stephen, all of which took about 40 minutes. Lots of textured, layed, thoughtful, spacey jamming.  Especially loved the McLaughlin-ish "Peace One" jam out of St. Stephen.

Let It Grow emerged out of SS, with a winding, coiling, symetrical intro.  Can't wait to hear the tape! The horn player Steven Murphy traded his saxes for flute and jammed it.

Outro jam with a total 80s song riff (so familiar, yet I couldn't name it -- see setlist above from JRAD FB).  Murphy back with sax.  Branford version of Eyes.  The outro jam wound back around to St. Stephen riff and then back into Eyes, which melds into Cumberland.

It gets played out, then Russo drops the sticks, starts clapping, the audience follows and Benevento solos gospel-y for three minutes.  Lovely.

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