Monday, May 8, 2017

JRAD, NOLA, night two

Show #110
Joy Theater,
New Orleans, LA
Saturday, 2017-05-06
#JoyRAD Night Two of Three
Set One (10:00PM - 11:22PM)
Greatest Story >
Scarlet Begonias ->
Help On The Way ->
Slipknot! ->
Fire On The Mountain
Gonesville ->
Not Fade Away
Set Two (11:38PM - 12:56AM)
Lost Sailor @ ->
Saint Of Circumstance #
Althea ->
Jam ->
Truckin $ ->
Tennessee Jed %
@ - With a Tease from TH that I missed, but Sean thinks it was The Beatles, maybe Day Tripper?
# - With “Head Over Heels” (Tears for Fears) Teases (MB & TH)
$ - With Born Cross Eyed Teases (TH)
% - With a “Chop Sticks” (Euphemia Allen under the pseudonym Arthur de Lulli) Tease (MB)
Pre Show / Set Break Music: Scott Metzger’s Soul Mix
Poster: Nathaniel Deas
If this WERE a baseball game, I'd like to think the home team - those of you who were at the show - won. Super fun from start to finish.
See some of you tonight for Night Three of this series. Thanks as always to our amazing hosts, the staff and crew at Joy and of course to all of you for your constant support!

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