Wednesday, January 16, 2013


In almost every way.  You feed Nesta, with his newly (as of yesterday) shrunken neck.  Galina comes to clean.  Granola, strawberries and hazelnut milk for lunch.  Starbucks for breakfast (triple maciatto and bacon/gouda/egg sandwich.  You work at home most of the day.  Late afternoon you get a call from your mother lamenting that she's "lost the key to the safe."  (This is not the first time.)  She quizzes me with key questions: "how many are there?  Where are they?  Do you have one?"  (Two. You have one and Sandie does.  No.)

You ask if she's looked in her purse; she guarantees me she has.  Thoroughly.  I doubt it.  You hang up and within five minutes she's calling back saying she's found it in her coin purse, which was in her big purse.  


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