Friday, July 19, 2013


You are not in Kansas (Provence) any more. 

You get strict instructions from Clay about how to get from CDG to your hotel – and you’re told that under no circumstances can you puss out and take a taxi.  Two trains and several turnstile adventures (you’re schlepping two suitcases), and an hour later, you emerge above-ground a few blocks from your hotel (the St. Vincent: )  and Pamella, who got to town a day ahead of you­.  You walk to the St. Vincent: third floor, room 326, w/ view of a “courtyard.”

Pamella brought a couple of duty-free bottles of Maker’s, so you break one of them open and settle in.   The lime scarf you bought in Venice looks great on her.

Evening: you walk the neighborhood a bit and she shows you the suit you have to buy.  Dinner at an excellent Indian place three blocks away.

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